I was sick of the poo in my neighborhood.  Now I do my best to make poo bags available to those who forget theirs in my hood.  This blog was spawned out of channeling my efforts into turning something like poo clean up, which sucks, into socially a responsible and humorous project.  Hope you like it!

Dogs are wonderful companions and pets. Who doesn’t love a well behaved dog?   The small percentage of people who choose to not pick up after their animals make it unpleasant and unsanitary to live in congested areas.
All over the world, members of local communities are voicing their disgust for the people, or shall I say Bad Owners, who don’t bag the waste from their dog.

Are you a Good Owner or a Bad Owner?

Anyone think being labeled a Bad Owner for not scooping the pooping will deter people and make people more considerate?

I’d love to hear solutions, stories and ideas so please engage, post or message me 🙂

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